What keyboard shortcuts can I use in Breakroom?

Modified on: Tue, 18 May, 2021 at 11:25 PM

Toggle fullscreen

To toggle between full screen and window mode, press the F11 key on Windows, or Command (⌘) + F on Mac OS. 

Toggle the UI

Press the F9 key or Alt + U to toggle the user interface on and off. This will also clear any seat tags that may be hovering over unoccupied chairs -- useful for decluttering regions when you want to take photographs or capture video. 

Additional Shortcuts



Calls up the help menu.


Calls up your own profile.

Ctrl + T

Toggles the text chat window.

Ctrl + M

Toggles your Breakroom e-mail window.

Ctrl + F

Toggles the People window.

Ctrl + E

Toggles the Explore window.

Ctrl + Q

Toggles the Quest window.

Ctrl + I

Toggles the Inventory window.

Ctrl + O

Toggles the Outfit window.

Ctrl + S

Toggles the Shop.

Ctrl + Space

Moves your cursor into the search box.

Ctrl + H

Teleports your avatar back home.

Ctrl + `

Launches the Snapshot feature.

Ctrl + /

Calls up the Settings menu.

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