How can I move my avatar through virtual space?

Modified on: Tue, 18 May, 2021 at 11:12 PM

There's plenty to do and see in your virtual world -- so how do you take it all in? There are a number of ways. 

Walking: You can walk around the virtual world using the arrow keys on your keyboard. If you're familiar with playing video games on a PC, you can also use the WASD keys. 

Running: To run, simply hold down the Shift key while walking. 

Jumping: To jump, press the space bar. 

Flying: To start flying, first press the F key. This will lift your avatar into the air, where you'll hover. You can then use the arrow keys or WASD keys to soar about. Press the E key (or Pg Up) to fly higher, and the C key (or Pg Down) to fly lower. Press the F key again to land. 

Optional mouse control: You can also move around by left-clicking at a spot on the ground. Your avatar will then walk to the specified point and stop. This is called the "click to walk" setting, and you can turn it off in the Settings menu if you like.

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