How can I talk with other users?

Modified on: Tue, 18 May, 2021 at 11:21 PM

Voice chat: Voice chat is available on a by-zone basis. If you're in a zone that permits voice chat, you will see a button that says "Microphone Off" at the top of your screen. Click on it, and its appearance will change to indicate that your microphone is now activated. You can learn more about voice chat by reviewing our conference system documentation

Public text chat: To bring up the Chat window, click the "Show Chat" button in the bottom toolbar. If there are multiple chat channels to choose from, you will see these listed as tabs across the top of the window. Once you've selected the channel you want to use, click on the text field at the bottom of the chat window and type out your message. You can then hit the Enter key on your keyboard, or click the "Send" button in the chat window to submit it. 

Private text chat: To speak directly to another user, click on their avatar and select the "Instant Message" option. A private chat window will open, where you can type your message and then send it by hitting the Enter key on your keyboard or by clicking the "Send" button. If you've added other users to your People list, you can talk to them at any time by clicking on the "People" button and then clicking on their name. 

In-world e-mail: If you receive an e-mail from another user, the envelope icon in the top toolbar will light up to alert you. To send e-mail to someone within the Breakroom platform, click on their avatar and then click on the "More" button that appears on the right side of the screen. Once their user profile is open, click the "E-mail" button. You can send virtual items by clicking "Add an attachment." You can also send e-mail by searching for a user's profile, or by clicking on the name of a user in your People list. 

Note: Owners can use the World Dashboard to enable or disable text chat and in-world e-mail. If these features are disabled, users will only be able to communicate using voice chat.

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